by Kelly Anne

Paris-Eiffel-Tower + high-res version

Travel Diary: Paris (Our 1st Anniversary)

Last month, we celebrated our 4th Anniversary and it got me thinking back to our 1st Anniversary. It was a special year and I was lucky enough to be taken to Paris by surprise! Yes, my husband managed to keep it a secret until the night before and for the first time I got to see Paris. We did not have quite as good a camera then, just a little digital one we usually put on auto, but we always did have fun playing around with the settings. As I look back at the photos, I feel all nostalgic and I like the way the photos have that typical “happy snaps” feel as opposed to being the perfect shots. Although, I would like to take our upgraded camera there now, not that we need an excuse – Paris is always a good idea.

SDC11347 SDC11369 Fiat-Paris SDC11394 SDC11402 SDC11396 SDC11642 SDC11509 SDC11594 SDC11702 SDC11674


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